Written by Peter Ngumbau

February 13, 2023

Springs Fellowship Church Katikoni.

Katikoni is a village with a small market with countable canteens and tea shops of course – as is the norm with Kenyan village markets – and a huge water tank situated right at the center of market. The market is located about 13km from Zombe town, Kitui East sub-couinty, Kitui county.
This is where scoop and fly mission team spend the weekend of 14th -16th Jan. 2023. Posters were on every wall and tree in the market and its environs. Yes, on them was exactly what God had sent us to do, preach the word to the people of Katikoni, show them a cinema film on the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, convert hearts and souls then Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Upon arrival, we took over the proceedings of an open air crusade which had started two days earlier. Each of the team member took their position and the work of God rose to a different level, the congregants at the market sang and danced at a higher level, they worshiped and prayed at a higher level. The God of a higher level was working in us and around us. He was in our midst.
After it all, at about 8 pm, the servant of the Lord, Rev. Geoffrey, took to the pulpit. And through him the Lord God, who does deeds of power, delivered a powerful message, Genesis 37:5,17. The session was alive, people celebrating Jesus.

Rev. Geoffrey preaching at katikoni.

Behind the scenes those responsible, were setting the stage for a cinema show.

preparing for cinema.

We were using a desktop C.P.U. WITH ITS COMPONENTS, that is, a computer keyboard and a mouse. Then a projector for visualization. Everything was set and ready to go.

Right after the sermon, Rev. led the congregation into a worship session and made an alter call. Everybody who needed prayers came forward. They were prayed for and the whole congregation was blessed.

Rev. Geoffrey praying for and blessing the congregation.

After the crusade it was now time to watch the cinema. I think I wont be wrong to say that many in the village had never seen something like this. Out of excitement people flooded the cinema watching point. Children were eager to find space at the front and some just next to the eguipments.
the beamer was on, the CPU on and it was time to enter the password of the CPU to gain access to it and start viewing the film.

We tried and tried couple times to enter the password but the keyboard was not responding. I was not figuring out what the problem was until I put caps lock on. There was no indication on the keyboard. Mayb it is not connected, thought. I checked it, and guess what?…….. it had spoilt. The children.

The spoiled keyboard.

This was bad news. Behind me was an expectant crowd, they were murmuring with low tones as if they were realizing that something was amiss. I could not figure out how to breaking the disheartening news to them.

“Can we fix it?” asked Rev. Geoffrey.

We gave it a try but with zero success.

“Any other option?”.

A laptop and some internet would do. Now the search for a laptop was launched. All university students from the village who happen to own a laptop were called but all had returned to their various campuses. Another fail. All this while the crowed is still kept pending, patiently waiting, their murmurs still alive.

 Our focus shifted to zombe town. It was about 9:20pm and we wanted to try and get another keyboard from the town or maybe a laptop. We send a team over. They took a motorbike to zombe. It was a 30 minute riding distance. So the wait had atleast an extra hour.

By now everybody was privy to the going ons. But the crowed was unmoved, they hung around still holding on hope. Their murmur slowly developed to clearer talks. I could hear they were optimistic that they will watch it, no matter what time it starts.

About 40 minutes later we received a called from the team that left to zombe, all shops were closed. Now it was clear we could not get another keyboard. This was yet another fail. I felt like all hope was lost. We were failing to deliver on our promise.

The team called again, nobody could lent them a laptop too. All hope was lost.

But wait, maybe this was not the day God had made for this. Rev. Geoffrey directed that was have the cinema show the following day. We would acquire a keyboard that morning. All hope was restored, just had to wait on the day of the Lord.

The crowed was receptive, we prayed and dispersed.

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