Written by Peter Ngumbau

May 17, 2023

Just a brief history of Springs Fellowship Church-Kaliani. Kaliani, is the first Springs Fellowship Church daughter branch to be planted. Pst. Mwendwa, an evangelist and prayer warrior, who was gifted with the power of exorcism and healing was installed as the presiding Pastor under the stewardship of Rev. Geoffrey.

Few years down the line, Pst. Mwendwa fell ill, after two years of treatment in various hospitals he gave up the fight and in 2021 he left to be with the Lord. It was a sad day for Springs Fellowship church fraternity, his family, the community and his spiritual children who were in various parts of the country, Kenya.

 Kaliani looked desolate, a church engulfed in hopelessness and a cloud of dejection hovering over them. They stared at a bleak future, just like a kid orphaned at a tender age, they were left while still spiritual babies by their pastor. No one could match his stature at the local church.

 The Church was left so young that needed much attention from the head quarter. To avert any crisis, Rev. Geoffrey assigned Bible School graduates and Bible scholars the responsibility to oversee Church services at Kaliani. Every Sunday some Bible scholars would go to minister there, as a pastor for the church was being groomed.

Finaly, slightly over an year later a Pastor was ready to succeed the late Pst. Mwendwa at Kaliani Church, The late Pastor had participated much in the development of Pst. Mwandikwa who was to take over at the Church, he like a son to the Late and is well conversant and informed and knowledgeable about the community and Church he was going to serve. His installation time was here.

Springs Fellowship Church-Kaliani was now the place to be over the weekend of 27th – 29th January 2023.  Team scoop and fly evangelized there for the three days. Working, preaching through singing, sermons and Cinema.

Friday 27th January, the team arrived early, prayed and work started.

The Grand Entry.

Some were clearing the compound as others prepared food and another team was setting up instruments for the crusade.

Later in the Evening we held a crusade at the market center.

On Saturday 28th Jan. 2023, the mission continued, Pst Benjamin was the preacher of the nght at the crusade. Later on we had a cinema show.

Come 29th Sunday, everything was set for the main event, Rev. Geoffrey was in the house to install the new Pastor for the church. First we had the normal Sunday service.

After the Sunday service, which Rev. Geoffrey presided over, he oversaw the installation of Pst. Mwandikwa as the new pastor incharge of Springs Fellowship Church-Kaliani.

Rev. Geoffrey presenting Pst. Mwandikwa to the Church.

Rev. Geoffrey presenting Pst. Mwandikwa and his family to the Church.

 Pst. Justus Mwandikwa, his wife and daughter.

Wife to late Pst. Mwendwa receiving Pst. mwandikwa and his family to the Church.

 It was the turn of the church to great and receive their new Pastor.

He was prayed for and installed as the new Pastor in charge of Springs Fellowship Church-Kaliani.

The happenings of this day reminds me of Moses and Joshua the son of nun. I would liken the relationship of Pst. mwandikwa and the late Pst. Mwendwa to the that of Moses and Joshua. Just as Moses was an old man of God, so was Pst. mwendwa, the same applies for Joshua and Mwandikwa, they both were trusted young men of the old servants of God, The late Pst. Mwendwa used tag Pst Mwandikwa along with to his evangelism missions, they used to walk long distances to preach, pray, heal the sick and exorcise evil spirits, even by the night. The same way, used to tag Joshua along with him up to the mountain of God. –Exodus 24:13.

Pst. Mwendwa died and just as Eleazer the priest did, Rev. Geoffrey set Pst. Mwandikwa before the congregation and inaugurated him in their sight, so that the congregation of the Lord may not be like sheep which have no shephered. –Numbers 27: 12-23.

Later that evening at the crusade the new pastor was presented to the community.

Presentation to the Community.

May the Lord God be with them as they minister to and shepherd His people.  


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