Springs Fellowship Church Kingitini

Written by BensonM

April 4, 2019

A branch of Mwingi Springs

The church was planted in the year 2012 by pastor Benson Kimanzi Momba as the church overseer under the supervision of Reverend Geoffrey Matiti.
We started by erecting some posts and roofed them with uncolloured iron sheets. We stayed under this roof until 2015 August when the roof was blown by heavy wind which even damaged the posts bringing everything down.

It is then at that point we prayed as a church and came up the idea of making bricks to make a strong wall and later God enabled us even to roof with coloured iron sheets.
Where the church is planted the land was donated by pastor Benson K Mombas family.
The church started with very few Sunday schools not forgetting also the few number of church members.

Since then we have building through fund drive from friends and well wishers.
We do support orphan children to have education and have a better living, having even as a pastor managed to stay with some at my homestead.
Two have finished O level education with four as of now at school. Two at O level (secondary) two at primary school.

The idea of having the said church at Kingitini was to transform the whole of Kingitini village.
We have not reached this due financial constraints since some have turned the idea down due to frequent fund having no otherwise since our target was to have good instruments and finished church with paint.
The little offering we get every Sunday is used to buy petrol for power generator since the church has no electricity connections due to unmeeted cost.

We are looking forward to see the church pay us our dreams and targets.
Beside the church building we have a big unfinished concrete water tank which can be used to harvest rain water from the church. The tank is about 50,000,000 litres when full with water.
Also on top of all this we have a borehole which is a strength of water supply in Kingitini. If boosted with rain water can subsidise the shortage of water in Kingitini village.

We remain waiting from God our creator to intervene, otherwise blessed all in Christ Jesus.

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