Written by Peter Ngumbau

February 13, 2023

Sunday 15th January 2023 dawned. The morning was warm enough no one needed a sweater or a jacket. Team scoop and fly was ready to fly. It was the second day of Katikoni mission. First assignment of the day was to find a keyboard. We drove to town to a cyber and electronic store. There was only one open at that time, and had only one keyboard on sale. It was expensive though. We were not convinced to buy it at that price yet the task ahead required one.
We asked store owner whether she could hire out the one she was using at her cyber at 200 Kenya shillings, we go use it and return on Monday morning.
“why not?” she wondered.
That’s how we got a keyboard.
We then proceeded to church.
At 9 am the church was full, the team took their positions and the service started with a word of prayer.

Praise and worship team and a team of dancers from katikoni local church took to the pulpit. it was time to praise and worship our creator.
Isaiah 43:21
“This people I have formed for myself; They shall declare My praise.”

This is the reason we were created.

Praise and worship team.
The congregation worshiping the Lord.


Isaiah 43:19

Rev. Geoffrey and Pst. George.

Rev. Geoffrey and Pst. George.

When the brothers of Joseph sold him to slavery, they thought they were doing him a harm, but GOD was doing a new thing to Joseph, this was the initial step of taking him to live his dreams. God was getting him in the journey to save the world from hunger.

When the time of the Lord came, the money that they sold joseph for, they took it to him in Egypt in sacks. They did not know that joseph the dreamer, was actually feeding the world.

It does not matter the evil things that your enemies do to harm you, or what their intent to your life is,

It doesn’t matter what they gain by mistreating you,

What matters is where the Lord has planned their actions and intentions to get you. Their deeds might be the way the Lord has chosen for you to go through, to get you to a HIGHER LEVEL.

After the sermon Rev. Geoffrey dedicated the new church alter then prayed for the church leaders and the congregation.

Katikoni church leaders being blessed.
The church being prayed for.


After the church service, it was time for baptism. Rev. Geoffrey met with the Baptism candidates for a few guidelines on how to go about it.

Baptism candidates.

And they were baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…

39 were Baptized this day.

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