Computer School in Mwingi

Woman in front of computer

Written by Thomas Sommer

March 8, 2019

The project “Vita Computer School” is intended as an education program for the poor who have little or no access to computers.
Vita is a latin word and means “Life”.

The VCS project has its roots in the acquaintance of Thomas Sommer from Switzerland, who runs his single company there, and the Kenyan Geoffrey Matiti, a graduate student of ICW (Institute of Church Growth & World Mission), who was allowed to visit several churches in Switzerland. Through the contact and initial cooperation, a friendship emerged, which is now to bear fruit in the form of a church-based education program.

The project is a pilot program in Kenya (Mwingi) and should be open to everyone. Such a project is important for third world countries, especially Kenya, which needs digital systems and has many poor children, who would have a hard time without training in this field, as computer systems are practically part of life today.

Addition on the 4th of August 2022:

The computer school now has finally started as “Springs Web Team”, based in Mwingi, Kenya. This website if the first active web project of the school.

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