Daily Business

Written by ChrisK

January 29, 2019

Kenya’s largest population is composed of the middle class people earning $1 to $10 a day or thereabout. This is due to the high unemployment rate in the country and hence the gap between the haves and those who don’t have.

Self employment has deemed to be the best option for youths with a good number venturing into small businesses. This includes the likes of bodaboda operations, sale of second hand clothes (mtumba), vegetable business and hawking within major cities and towns in the country.

The bodaboda business has been on the rise across the country. This was initiated by the former president in his bid to boost the country’s economy and create job opportunities among the youthful population. This has had the effect of easing transport and creating jobs for the youths.

Vegetable business, most common among ladies is still a booming business in the country. Ladies usually sell vegetables (mboga) in small shades (vibanda). With a single bunch of sukumawiki going for ksh 10 and a few tomatoes going for about kshs 20 keeps the undying spirit of most hawkers alive and ready to conquer the next day.

Selling of household appliances on roadsides and small shades is also common in kenyan cities and towns. Many people especially the youthful population has embarked on this business for a living. This includes locally made utensils, ‘juakali’ goods as they are normally called in swahili.

Mtumba business is popular at the major cities (Nairobi and Mombasa). This has created jobs for quite a number of people in the country who rely on it solely for livelihood. Kongowea market and Gikomba are the leading in this business and serves as a source of income for many individuals. This accounts for a large percentage of kenya’s economy and reduces unemployment rate in the country and hence the consequences that accompany high unemployment rates among the youths like insecurities….

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