Kenyan Telcos rolling out VoLTE

Written by ChrisK

February 15, 2019

VoLTE is an acronym that stands for Voice over Long-term Evolution. It supports voice calls over  4G LTE data network instead of the commonly used circuit-switched 3G or 2G networks. Many have described it as the next generation of VoIP(voice over internet protocol).

Devices with support for VoLTE allows the users to make calls via LTE without need for a third party application. It is a technology that allows voice to be basically another application that will ride on LTE data network.

VoLTE has been in the country for a while now. It was introduced by jamii telecommunications when it rolled out 4G. Safaricom now seems to follow the suit and it would probably outdo faiba following the latter’s failure to provide enhanced service to most parts of the country.

Safaricom has flooded Kenyan markets having the lion’s share  amongst other Telcos like Airtel, Telkom and the new kid on the block, Equitel. It is rated the best in terms of data strength with a higher coverage of 4G network in all the 47 counties. Safaricom also has its enhanced 4G (4G +) in the major cities: Nairobi, Mombasa and kisumu.

Safaricom stands a better chance to win in this having been the lead Telco for years with minimal competition. It’s 4G + offers a high download speed of 150mbps, double the speed as you’d get with 4G.

Somebody would ask the benefits he/she would with the VoLTE… VoLTE supports simultaneous voice and data calls. It also enables high definition voice calling with a better video quality. Safaricom’s move is a big boost to kenya’s tech growth especially in the communication sector.

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