When the Waves Rise.

Written by Peter Ngumbau

July 9, 2024

God sent Samuel to anoint David king over Israel while he was a young shepherd. Despite his age, status and physique God chose him.  The house of Jesse had seven other more accomplished sons in the eyes of men but God had a plan for the shepherd boy. If the boy could risk his life and fight a lion to defend the lives of his father Jesse’s sheep, then he could do much more to defend the children of his Father in heaven.

 After David was anointed king, he did not become king right away, neither was he bestowed the honors of king in waiting, instead wave after wave of hardships started rising against him. He brought down Goliath the uncircumcised giant who not even the greatest warriors of Israel would dare stand against. The women sung praises to his achievement but the songs which portrayed Saul as inferior to David only ignited his hatred and jealousy towards David.

 Instead of King Saul awarding David the grand price – Saul’s first-born daughter’s hand in marriage- Saul broke this promise and humiliated David by giving her hand in marriage to another man. Instead, David was later given Michal another of Saul’s daughters to marry.

The Lord took David from the wilderness and brought him to the Palace, not as king though but to play his harp before king Saul to appease the evil spirit tormenting him. it is written in 1 Samuel 16:21 that Saul loved David and he became his amour bearer. The king even made David captain over a thousand soldiers with whom David bravely served the king.

Despite David’s loyalty and service to King Saul, the King attempted to kill him three times by throwing his spear towards him when he invited him to play the harp for him. The attempts to take David’s life did not stop there, they continued. At one time David’s wife Michal had to help him flee from her father when he tried to kill him again, eventually it was Jonathan, Saul’s son who had become David’s close fried who helped him to flee the house of his father for fear of his life.

The years that followed before king Saul died were rough and tough for David, the king was making life difficult for David. Trouble was everywhere around him. Saul kept hunting him down but GOD was with David all this time as David consulted Him on everything, He even gave Saul to David’s hands but David spared his life, he only cut a piece of cloth from the hem of his coat.

Before David could become king at 30 years old, he had many waves rise against him but in the midst of trouble David consulted the Lord at every step, the Lord calmed the waves and out of it David always learned a precious lesson that would help him later in his leadership. Through it all, God was preparing him for the big thing, to be the king God wanted him to be.

In the face of trouble instead of going on our knees and seek God’s intervention, we opt to worry and stress our selves and take human actions in situations that need God’s guidance to solve. Saul was always hunting down David, the people around him always hurt him but because he always consulted God, God’s wisdom and intervention would keep him from acting out of anger and keep him on the good side with God.

He could have killed Saul but out of God’s wisdom he knew that what God has anointed, only God can touch. God sent Abigail to plead with David and calm his anger against her husbands house hold. Through this times David learned to always trust in the Lord, when people rise against you, don’t take upon yourself to strike back, trust that the Lord is true in his words. Vengeance belongs to the Lord.    

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him keeping His way. The Lord had David anointed King, David could have fought his way to the throne against Saul whenever he had a chance to end the torment Saul was putting him through but he chose to totally trust that the Lord would eventually hand him the throne at His chosen time. With humility and total dependence on God he patiently waited upon the Lord.

 When the storms are rife, and the waves threaten to sink you, don’t despair and resort to ways of the flesh to get out of difficult situations, turn to He who calms the waves. When all hope was lost, the disciples turned to Jesus to calm the waves and wind in the sea. The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of troubles (Psalms 34:17). Cast all your worries upon Him for He cares for you, He never lets the righteous to be shaken.

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