Technology and Faith – The Opportunities

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March 25, 2022

Technology is simply the development of scientific knowledge which involves methods, systems and devices which are used for practical purposes whereas faith is the assurance that the things revealed and promised in the word are true.

This article explains the types of technology that have empowered faith, relationship between technology and faith and also impacts that technology has to faith. The application of scientific knowledge to the practical objectives of human life as it brings change and manipulation of human being surroundings. There are many types of technology that have resulted to faith empowerment.They include; manufacturing technology,medical technology, construction technology, energy power technology, agriculture and bio technology and transportation technology.

Types of Technology, Relationship Between Technology and Faith and Impacts of Technology to Faith.

In day to day life, technology is ever growing and advancing. The development of this technology has changed humans’ faith in the way they do their things. For instance, the internet makes communication simple and efficient to the people hence converting their faith from traditional way of doing things to modern aspect. Since there are many types of technology, communication is one of them.


Communication is a type of technology which involves sending of messages and exchange of information. There are modern technology of communication which has changed people believe from the traditional which were horn blowing, drum beating and sending a messager. The modern ones include television where people use it to communicate important messages, advertisements and entertainment.

There is also use of internet in communication where it allows people allows people irrespective of their faith across the board to interact through written messages as well as audio and video messages. Use of internet has enabled improvement of businesses, charities and governments through sharing of information.

Through cell phones as a method of communication , people can call other phones and hold conversations with other people all over the world.

Electrical technology

In pas times there was no electricity and now the development of modern technology of using electricity has changed humans’ faith from the past one. Some of the examples of electrical technology computers, circuitry, artificial intelligence, software, audio and visual technology. For instance, people use computers to access the internet and print copies of digital content unlike the past where there were no computers.

Circuitry involves computer processor that translates electrical signals into computer code. Electric circuits are commonly found in items like computers, remote controls, cellphones and other appliances. There is also another computer system named as artificial intelligence which analyzes the proper route for a traveler as per traffic and road closures.

Audio and visual technology,this includes gadgets like cameras, microphones and projectors.They capture and show display of both audio and visual mediums to users thus changing faith by enabling people to easily connect to their religious leaders irrespective of distance.

Energy technology

This serves to generate,store and transmit energy for different purposes.The main example of this technology is solar panels which use energy from sun rays to generate power.People nowadays people uses these panels to power their gadgets, building and water heating systems unlike the past where they used sun directly and light firewoods to generate light to their homes.Solar panels are also renewable energy with zero emissions to our environment contributing to big change to people faith from the past experience.

Batteries technology,Unlike the past where people had no mechanisms and ideas on how to store energy for a longer period of time,nowadays through batteries technology people can get stored energy for later consumption.People are able to use batteries even to power other forms of technology like torches and television remote changing their beliefs from past.

Mechanical technology

This technology applies the principles of engineering to achieve task more efficiently. It is used widely in machinery consisting of the following examples; manufacturing, and heavy engineering. Under manufacturing, there is production of goods in a more cost effective manner unlike past where used only natural foods without idea of manufacturing. This technology has improved product quality, Bette supervision and system analysis, faster shipping speeds and employee safety.

Under heavy engineering, it improved performance of tasks such as building bridges, mining and steel production. It aids in transporting heavy materials this making production processes more efficient unlike past where people relied on animals transportation.

Medical technology

This technology has developed people’s quality of life through the following ways; diagnostics, pharmaceutical, surgical and monitoring technologies. Under diagnostics, it helps medical professionals to get more information about a patient. For instance, diagnostic technology include; thermometers, X-ray machines and stethoscopes are modernly used to make better treatment decisions and detect human body parts that would be impossible to analyze unlike past where patients were treated without knowledge of the cause of illness.

Under pharmaceutical, it came as a result of advancement and improvement of medical field. Through this technology, researchers can learn more about how different substances impact humans by use of nanotechnology, micro environment and artificial organs. They can give different prescription drugs for curing diseases hence reducing instances of deadly diseases unlike the believe of the past where had faith about drugs from trees for curing these diseases.

Under surgical technology, surgeons are equipped with skills and knowledge to perform complex operations unlike the past where people believed in witch doctors for their healing. This technology include smart surgical glasses that display essential information directly within surgeon glasses which allows surgeons to operate remotely with increased precision. It also assist in every type of surgery such as spinal and brain surgery.

Under monitoring, it has enhanced monitoring the health and status of a patient in healthcare. They include smart watches which can monitor biometric data like heart rates and quality of sleep. There are other monitoring technologies includes device implanted directly into a patient to provide more advanced monitoring capabilities to healthcare professionals.

Transportation technology

Nowadays it’s easier to travel across the world than it was in the past where people only used foot and animal means of transport. Transport technology means include global positioning system(GPS) that allocate point in on Earth from satellite in Earth’s orbit. Through this technology we can receive real time directions, monitor the transit of different objects or record time measurements. This technology can involve smart watches and larger tracking device.

Flight technology is safer and efficient as it is used in a number of ways from the construction of the planes to navigation equipment on an aircraft. There are other improvements in flight technology which are more apparent in space flight unlike the faith of past where there was no flight technology.

Train Cargo
Train With Cargo

Vehicle technology has developed as it is faster and safer mean of transport ulike the past where they relied on foot and animal transportation. This technology is more fuel efficient, comfortable and provide entertainment options. It has also improved the way engines run, safety features within vehicles like airbags and availability of entertainment options in a car.

Impacts of technology on faith

The publication and translation of Bible into various languages has enabled more people to be literate through advanced technology. People can read and understand the scriptures themselves unlike the tradition where they depended on the clergy to interpret for themselves. Positively, technology like internet has helped religious organization to gather faithful’s from the digital droves. Unlike in the past, when it was considered to be a robber of people’s faith. Nowadays, big percentage of those active in religion also actively use internet compared to those don’t belong to religion.

Many people search church services on internet and this is the reason why religious organizations should take advantage of internet to gather more faithful’s. For this to work properly to reach large number of people, you need to be always present online. People can create social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp and email which gives a platform that religious organizations can serve its Congregation and share their thoughts.

It also provide mobile apps allowing members to easily access Bible and other holy book like Koran thus, religious leaders use these apps to carry out their sermons. Contrally, during sermon, some members of congregation may concentrate too much on phones chatting on social media hence not listening to what the preacher is advocating.

Faith and religion is one of the social cultures in the long history of mankind for playing a focal role. Communication technology has enhanced expansion and advancement of faith and religion.  Specific communication technology has resulted to specific cultural and social forms from simple to complex and from period of oral communication to the period electronic media and then the period of digital media.

Faith and religion have experienced formation, privilege error, popularity, secularization and pluralism era that people can see these changes to the faith. The above outline clarify the relationship between technology and faith which influences and restricts each other. It also provide theoretical basis and beneficial exploration for religion.Written texts became easier to reproduce, literacy rates improved this enabled people to study their faith on their own.

Technology keeps people connected between church gathering as per their faith, improve fundraising efforts and saving time such that information can be send across the members once through the internet thus the gospel content reach many audience smoothly.Through advances in technology people are able to create websites such as Bible reasons and share faith through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,television and radio.

Technology gives opportunity to share and bring the gospel to others, preacher can  get Bible verses online and communicate the message across the internet to reach his people.This enhance smoothly evangelism with reduced cost of transportation and time consumption in return.It also help bring people to churches, discipleship and church attendance is important for all believers for one can start a church YouTube channel and attract many professing believers who are not attending churches.

Technology helps many people to connect who have trouble connecting with others,there are many people who are too scared or shy thus by livestreaming church services online make them feel attended for they feel being intimidated on going to church. The important of this is that many people don’t have to struggle to attend church they just attend them by livestreaming thus creating comfortability.

Man with smartphone
Typing on smartphone

Technology helps us to reach out to people in different parts of the world. This involves signing up for video conference apps like Zoom, Google Meet and  Google Hangouts make it possible to meet up with people all around the world. These aspects are phenomenal way of praying and worshipping together. It also provide platform groups for Bible studies with families and friends in different countries and states thereby making people to teach, encourage and counsel one another.

Technology helps to connect with church throughout the week. Having a church app is a way to discipline church flock and also keep them connected throughout the week. With such application or a newsletter, people can encourage one another to get in the word and pray. You can send Bible study plans resulting to the Sunday sermon. Preacher can easily keep in contact with congregation and also send latest church updates and information to the congregation.

So advanced technology is encouraging each and every believer to have a church app to be able access all church services online.

Digital projection where nowadays churches employ use of projectors to display Bible verses, songs and videos. Any announcements that the church has can easily be displayed with a projector technology. It is important for every member to be conversant with this technological development of projector. So people can take advantage of this technological change to bring assistance to others as well as helping themselves.


Generally, technology plays a key role in advancement and development of factors that enhance the growth and strength of faith. In this case, it creates interaction mechanisms by helping and bringing people together through gathering  and sharing information  all over the world.

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